A Tour of the Heart…..Great read!

A page turner
A page turner

           I first became aware of the book, “A Tour of the Heart”, because the author, Maribeth Clemente, and I share the same last name. The book is about Maribeth, a successful travel writer’s adventures during a 3-week bike ride throughout France with her significant other, and their return to experience the life on the road following  “Le Tour de France;” including the “Tour’s” bike ride triumphant ending in Paris. 

       In no time at all I was there with Maribeth Clemente and Peter Hazard checking out the daily lodgings, meals, bike rides and local color. Maribeth’s talent of describing, explaining and rating the French Cuisine at every lunch and dinner made me jealous. I have done a few hundred restaurant reviews on the east end of Long Island but I just don’t have Maribeth Clemente’s talent for presenting the glories of a great French meal through words. Better yet, her tasteful way of describing a not so great meal.

          The other dimension of this book besides the adventure of riding a well-tuned road bike through villages, parks, castles, chateau’s and back roads lined with vineyards, is the realistic tension between two traveling companions. This will make all couples, cringe, smile, cheer, and boo, as they read the daily tug of war most couples experience when they travel. Again Maribeth Clemente’s ability to vocalize through crafty words what goes down when there are changes of plans, bad weather, and glorious surprises makes this book a page-turner. 

          If you have either planned to do a big bike ride in France, or even just enjoy bike riding and fine dining this book, “A Tour of the Heart,” by Maribeth Clemente is for you because the book delivers the essence of the whole bag of stuff true adventure is.  It is available at http://www.amazon.com.


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