At the Movies: Women Warriors, Young and Old

If you're going through Hunger Games withdrawal and don't think you can wait till the release of the next installment for your teen-girl-warrior-kicks-ass-in-dystopian-future fix, help is here. "Divergent," based on the young-adult bestseller by Veronica Roth, opens on Friday in Westhampton, Southampton, Easthampton, and Montauk. The teenage girl warrior in question—her name is Tris Prior—is played by Shaleine Woodley, who shoots, slices, kicks, and even kisses her way through a darkly futuristic Chicago. In her New York Times review, Manola Darghis describes "Divergent" as "a dumb movie that I hope makes major bank if only as a reminder of the obvious: Women can drive big and little movies, including the pricey franchises that fire up the box office and the culture."

If your taste runs to tough, take-no-prisoners gals of a different vintage, you might try "Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me," a documentary about the gimlet-eyed, potty-mouthed 89-year-old stage legend, described in the film as “a Molotov cocktail of madness, sanity, and genius.” It's playing this weekend at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center (http://whbpac.org/pages/event_detail.php?event_id=750) and at the Sag Harbor Ciinema. For showtimes go to Fandango.com


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