10 Local Artists Featured in 2011

Get to know Southampton Patch's Artists of the Week.

As an artist colony, Southampton has an abundance of talented residents, many of whom are know nationally and, in some cases, internationally. This year, Southampton Patch shone a spotlight on several local artists.

Click on their names to learn more about these local painters, sculptors, photographers and multimedia artists.

’s Water Mill home has become something of a personal museum over the last few years. The walls are hung with dozens of his plein air landscapes portraying vistas from all over the East End of Long Island.

is a disciplined and often meticulous painter who will not rest until he has explored every avenue of an idea or concept. For years the 49-year-old Water Mill artist explored painting with only white, and he had some stunning results. Dever recently added black to his palette, but he hasn’t used any other color for the last five years.

For the past three years, artist and novelist has incorporated textiles, painting and needlepoint to produce an exciting body of mixed-media work. The small and whimsical pieces contain floral motifs, human figures and various species of wildlife that hint at a greater narrative, but Huberty’s visual story was almost never told. In 2005, the Bridgehampton painter was in a car accident that severely injured her hand and nearly ended her artistic career.

•  is famous for her uncanny ability to capture people quickly and accurately in scenes that very few ever get to see. She prides herself on becoming “a fly on the wall” while documenting her subjects, but Matsuoka’s work is anything but inconspicuous.

Born of dreams, visions and exploration of ideas, each of ’s colorful mixed media paintings is a temporary obsession. Some pieces can take the Sag Harbor artist the better part of a year to complete, and it’s rare that he works on two canvases at once.

•  As a young man was a very successful sculptor. His figurative bronzes were in galleries around the country, and he worked and studied abroad, but Saco’s interests changed and led him to stop creating art for 25 years. It was only in the wake of one of his life’s greatest tragedies that he began to create again.

has had photographs published in almost every newspaper on the East End, he shoots fashion for Newsday and he has been known to document a wedding on occasion, but the Sag Harbor photographer is a fine artist at heart.

has had a successful 30-year career as an artist and lighting designer, but it was his interest and subsequent creations in the Steampunk genre that led him to his latest and greatest achievements. The Southampton resident discovered Steampunk during an online search for new design styles, and he was immediately hooked.

uses book pages and found imagery in nearly all of his work, but the Sag Harbor artist has a style of painting that is uniquely his own. Though Colleran is a prolific painter and he experiments with styles and mediums like a mad scientist in his studio, he recently found the key to putting his varied styles together and the result is a perfect storm on canvas and paper.

While ’s art is driven by a love of nature, she has created many of her most beautiful landscapes and outdoor scenes from inside looking out. The Bridgehampton artist’s pastels, watercolors and oil paintings depict East End fields, woodlands, sunsets and shores in some of the finest light because, unlike many landscape painters, Smith captures images from right outside her window.


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