Reader Photo: Tyler Avenue in Miller Place Among Unplowed Roads Tuesday

Tyler Avenue is one of the roads in the area still covered in snow Tuesday.

We are four days removed from a historic winer storm, but many locals are still facing unplowed roads.

Reader Ariana Pesce uploaded a photo to the Miller Place-Rocky Point Facebook page of Tyler Avenue in Miller Place still draped in snow as of Tuesday morning.

"Tyler Ave and 13th STILL look like this??," she wrote. "I am sure we are not the only ones. Horrid out there."

Patch has received tons of feedback on roads that still need maintenance, and while some have seen help, others are still buried.

Candice Cosenza Haley responded to the photo, "I also live on Tyler and 13th and have 2 little ones and I need to get to the store to get groceries, especially milk. I do not feel confident getting in the truck and backing out onto 13th with the roads like that. I saw too many cars stuck there yesterday."

Have a road that's still unplowed? Upload a picture above.

Captain Howard Hawrey February 12, 2013 at 05:29 PM
This is an absolute failure of Brookhaven Town Government in properly taking care of it's residents. As I have mentioned on my other posts, Brookhaven Town did a better job with snow removal in 1978 than they do now. Highway Supervisor was out sick, Town Supervisor went on vacation. What a joke our leadership is turning out to be. Instead of taking care of the plowing during the storm and staying ahead of it they let the storm get ahead of the plows. I still wonder if this wasn't an OT driven decision since the storm happened on a weekend.


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